2014 World Digestive Health Day

CDHF is Ready to Celebrate World Digestive Health Day

Thursday, May 29th is World Digestive Health Day.  Presented by the World Gastroenterology Organization, this year’s celebrations focus on the Human Gut Microbiome.

You may ask what is the human gut microbiome? Well, it’s a fascinating world that lives within you. Your body consists of ecosystems of diverse, microorganisms — more than 100 trillion of them! Collectively, these amazing systems are called the human microbiome. The greatest concentration of bacteria lives in your gut and these bacteria:

  • aid in food digestion;
  • influence our mood and energy levels;
  • help protect us from infection and inflammation;
  • and much, much more —


Introducing The Human Gut Microbiome

Your body plays host to trillions of microscopic visitors that make up your unique microbiome fingerprint. A troup of bacterial superheroes living in your gut works very hard to help keep you healthy, strong and resilient. Watch the first segment of our 4-part  series on the human gut microbiome and learn more about the superheros that live within you. 

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Your Microbiome - Good or Bad Gut Bacteria?

Listen to a fascinating presentation by CDHF President, Dr. Richard Fedorak who introduces you to the marvellous world of our gut microbiota. His easy presentation style will help you better understand what the human microbiome is and how it originates; how your microbiome affects your body; and, how you can alter your microbiome with probiotics and prebiotics (good bacteria) for better health.

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